Grand Silver Cup Vienna 1860 Joseph Carl Klinkosch 1822-1888

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Silver Goblet

made in Vienna around 1860

created by Joseph Carl Klinkosch 1822-1888

Josef Carl von Klinkosch
Josef Carl Ritter von Klinkosch (born February 28, 1822 in Vienna, † June 8, 1888 ibid) was a well-known Viennese silversmith and purveyor to the royal household.

Josef Carl (also: Karl) Klinkosch was the son of Carl Klinkosch and Katharina b. Kempenich. He learned the craft from the silversmith of his father, who together with Stefan Mayerhofer founded the Mayerhofer & Klinkosch factory in 1830/31. Josef Carl took over the factory in 1851

In 1848 he married Elise. He was captain of the vigilante during the riots of 1848.

Klinkosch refined the style of the goods produced in the factory and also began to produce Chinese silverware. Numerous artists, also from abroad, were responsible for the elaboration of the designs. During production, Klinkosch partially resumed so-called "outdated" manual production, which was very successful throughout Europe. Numerous silver and gold medals at exhibitions for high-quality silver production were the result.

Among the customers of the company were not only the upper middle class and nobles, but also from 1855 the imperial court, which, because of its merits and the high quality of its products, gave it the title "Kukhof and Kammerlieferant".

1861/1862 Klinkosch was a member of the Vienna City Council.

In 1869 Klinkosch became the sole owner and the company was renamed JC Klinkosch.

The company participated in world exhibitions in Vienna in 1873 and 1878 in Paris.

1879 Josef Carl Klinkosch was knighted. From 1884 he withdrew from the business and the business was transferred to his two sons Arthur (1884-1899) and Isidore (1884-1914). He was able to build up an extensive private collection with his possessions, which was auctioned after his death in 1889. Josef Carl Klinkosch died in the Afrikanergasse 3 house in the 2nd district of Vienna Leopoldstadt.

In 1918 the company was taken over by Arthur Krupp and continued under the name "JC Klinkosch AG". In 1972 the company was removed from the trade register.

In his second marriage, Prince Aloys von und zu Liechtenstein married his daughter Johanna Elisabeth Maria von Klinkosch on 30 May 1890 (* 1848, 31 January 1925).

Klinkosch products today achieve high prices at auctions.


The Cup is 34.5 cm high

with a diameter of 13.5 cm

decorated with various Riders with Horses and Roman style

The cup is weighted down with Gypsum at the bottom,

total weight is 950 grams

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